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Is Your Dog Weeing in the House??? The Reason why will Shock You...

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Dogs cannot communicate with us using words, this is why it’s vital to listen to their behaviour and body language. Subtle changes could be signs of severe disease! Drinking more could be a sign of diabetes, occasional vomiting could be a sign of pancreatitis and urinating more frequently could be a sign of bladder stones!

All these dogs below were presented to us with weeing more often, and in the house! The dogs were otherwise happy, bright and apparently healthy. It wasn’t until a physical examination, urinalysis and radiographs were performed that the reason why was unveiled – and it was dramatic...

Multiple Small Bladder Stones

One Large Stone with Multiple Smaller Stones Surrounding it.

Three Large Bladder Stones, Stretching the Bladder Completely! Ouch!

As you can see, bladder stones can often become very large. They normally cause more frequent and/or difficult urination, sometimes with blood. These clinical signs can present as very minor changes, so careful monitoring of your pets should be routine.

If you see these changes in your dog we recommend booking an appointment and bringing in a urine sample – stones do not rock.

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