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My cat's peeing everywhere!!!

Cats are strange animals… they don’t listen to their owners, they don’t follow instructions and they definitely do not read text books!!!

This cat had been peeing in the bath (along with other odd locations) despite being apparently otherwise healthy! Blood and urine tests performed previously all came back normal, so it was thought that maybe the builders in the house were making her nervous (forget the yoga, cat’s relieve stress in other ways).

However, when the builders packed up their ladders and paint-tins and disappeared, the wee in the bath remained. So, last week, she came to us for further investigation.

Blood and urine tests were again normal, so we performed some radiographs (x-rays) as the next step in the investigation. Only when she was completely relaxed under sedation could we notice that one of her hind limbs could not extend properly backwards. What we found on the x-rays shocked us…

The radiographs showed irregular boney changes to the femoral neck (where the top of the thigh bone joins the ball-and-socket joint in the hip) and surrounding muscle. When we see changes like this, it normally means that there has been a past fracture (broken bone). However, the owner did not know of any limping or trauma in the past, and the cat appeared to be walking around normally

A close up image showing the abnormalities in the hip joint. The joint on the left appears as if it's been broken in the past.

Going unnoticed and untreated, broken bones will normally heal, but as the broken ends are not straight and close together like you would have if we operated, the joint will become arthritic and the bone will heal crooked. This can cause pain and discomfort in certain positions.

This is likely why this cat was peeing in the house everywhere other than the litter tray. The pain of squatting to urinate can make cats think that the litter tray is causing the pain, so they will try somewhere else… bath included!

With some pain relief on board, this cat should become more comfortable going to the toilet, and should realise the bath is not the best place to go…

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