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Does your pet have bad breath or have trouble eating? Look away if you are squeamish.

Bad breath can be due to many different reasons. You typically notice bad breath in a pet when it comes close to you, or if you are in a confined space - such as on a car trip.

Common reasons are bad teeth, chest infections and licking their bottom after scooting to empty anal sacs. Other causes include mouth injuries, kidney disease, mouth, gum and lip infections, chest infections, tonsillitis and sinusitis, nasal foreign bodies, fungal infections and even tumours.

This case is simply one of the worst mouths we have seen for quite a while.

Why we need to check pets teeth
This patients bad breath was caused by severe periodontal disease.

A mouth like this is incredibly painful - we removed over 30 teeth (they have 42 adult teeth) from this pet. Clients often ask how will they eat after losing so many teeth - in reality they are so much happier immediately and eating for them is actually easier without those infected teeth.

We check the mouth and teeth at patient every visit - we really don't want any pet getting to this point before they are treated.

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