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Does your old dog lose it's footing on slippery floors? These booties are the answer!

One of the more common problems we see with older canine patients in Queensland is their feet slipping on floors. The warm tropical and sub-tropical climate means floor coverings such as carpets and rugs are less common here than in the southern states.

Many Queensland homes have exposed polished floor boards and slippery tiles through out. Many homes also have internal and external stairs which can also challenge disabled pets.

As dogs get older they can get weaker hind leg muscles, especially if they have arthritis, and they can also start to gradually lose some postural reflexes - so they don't readily correct their stance. Both these issues can cause them to easily lose their footing, so their feet slid out from under them on slippery floors. This problem is resolved by purchasing some "Anti-Slip Socks or Booties"

Another problem we see in some breeds like Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is they grow excessive amounts of hair on the underside of their paws, and this interferes with the normal friction between the pads and the ground, so again they can start to slip. This problem is resolved by clipping the hair between the toes. To clip between the toes, you need a set of small and very light pet clippers.

In this article we are looking at the boots and clippers we recommend for owners of these pets.

Below are some examples of products we recommend to clients. They can be purchased from Amazon (we earn a commission from Amazon if you click on the links), and most online stores or bricks and mortar retail outlets.

Bing pet's Anti slip socks come in three sizes. They have a thin rubber coating around the bottom of the sock, improves your dog's traction on slippery surfaces (tile/hardwood floor). The tread material makes the socks waterproof, so they keep your pet's feet dry even if on a wet ground. One feature that I like is the straps around the top of the sock which makes securing the sock a breeze.

Now for those clippers. The clippers shown below are the exact clippers we use in the surgery. There are cheaper ones around but I have 6 sets of these rechargeable clippers so I can confirm they are reliable and fit for purpose. They are small, light to hold, quiet and have good battery life (2 hours) and quick to recharge (1.5 hours) . We love them.

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