If you want unconditional love, you can't go past a pet. And when they need medical support, we are here to help.

We are an independently owned business, with extremely friendly service, we run on time for appointments, you can have your choice of veterinarians, in state of the art facilities, we have ample parking and design our work flow to ensure stress free visits. 

We use clinical reasoning first, and follow up with appropriate testing to achieve the optimum outcomes for both clients and patients.

We love our jobs, and we think you'll find we are not your average veterinary practice.


We treat your pets like family, only better.


Our Services

We make it easier for you to own a pet, and to visit us. We provide simple comprehensive solutions to pet care. We don't up-sell anything, we provide advice and options and let you choose the best path for you. We thrive by maintaining your trust and our reputation. We strive to do the best we can for you and your pet. We learn something new every day. We enjoy our work. 


We will ask you a lot of questions initially to understand your pet's current health status, then we perform a full physical examination, and may recommend further testing, when indicated, to ensure you and your pet get the best treatment for you both. We understand everyone is different and make sure we provide real options for each individual's specific needs.


Our in house laboratory allows routine testing to occur while you wait, while further pathology testing is conducted by our pathology service (QML and IDEXX).



Our case load varies enormously, but that keeps it interesting.  On any given day, we can see cases of ear infections, dermatological problems, cardiac disease, tumours, geriatric conditions, dental problems, arthritis, lumps and bumps, lameness, allergy, respiratory disease, tick paralysis, toad poisoning, endocrine disorders, behavioural problems, new puppy consultations, tummy upsets, incontinence, infections, neurological problems and senility.

We also see lots of very cute healthy patients for routine checkups.



We offer in house surgery for routine procedures, orthopaedic procedures like ACL (cruciate rupture), patella and fractures. We have our own ultrasound machine to examine abdomens and diagnose pregnancy and our digital DR x-ray machine is amazingly accurate and clear.



For emergencies after hours we refer to Animal Emergency Services at 463 Tanawha Tourist Drive, Tanawha, 4556 (see map) where a vet is on site all night to care for your pet. To contact AES after hours phone

(07) 5445 1333.



Ask us  about the recommended standards of care for your pet. We have a simple but comprehensive guide to ensuring all the relevant pet health issues are covered with simple to follow guidelines. 

Particular focus is on intestinal worms, heart worm, fleas, ticks, and vaccine preventable disease.



A microchip implant is an identifying device placed under the skin of an animal. The chip, about the size of a large grain of rice, uses passive RFID technology, to uniquely identify every pet. Lost pets are quickly reunited with their owners, using this technology.



We offer routine core vaccines for all the common life threatening diseases that affect cats and dogs. Our reminder system ensures you receive timely SMS alerts when treatments are due.



We recommend desexing at 6 months of age for both males and females. This is a same day procedure, that eliminates many behavoural and health issues that affect entire pets.



Routine dental examinations are recommended to ensure our pets stay healthy and happy. Dental pain is excruciating and easily avoided. We can do a dental exam, dental x-rays, prophy, and extractions all here on site.



Whenever indicated,  we will suggest  running routine diagnostic tests to establish an accurate diagnosis. Standard in house tests are:

  • blood analysis,

  • urine and faecal analysis,

  • cytological examination of discharge from ears, urine, skin

  • aspirates from lumps,

  • antigen testing for disease such as heartworm, feline leukaemia, feline aids, giardia, 

  • xrays under sedation or general anaesthetic

  • ultrasound

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Our story

Established by Dr Greg Mahon in 1997, Mountain View Vet Surgery is an exclusively small animal veterinary practice.


When we began operations at Burnett Sreet in Buderim, the surgery was on the edge of town! Since then Buderim's population has grown massively resulting in challenges for space and parking. Getting a pet to the vet is hard enough, without struggling to park.

In October 2016, the practice relocated from Buderim Mall to its current location at 35 Oakmont Drive. We now have 28 car parks and no traffic hassles in a purpose built clinic. The move has allowed us to create the modern state-of-the-art pet care facility we have today.


In late 2021 Dr Greg retired and handed over the reins to Dr Michael Woodcock. With Dr Helen White (long time Buderim local) and Dr Lee, we now service the greater Buderim area and can perform most procedures in house.


Please drop through for a visit when nearby - here's a few inside shots to see what we do.

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Say Hello


Say Hello

3/35 Oakmont Drive, Buderim Qld 4556

Tel:  07 5445 3123



Monday - Friday

8:30 AM - 05:30 PM


08:30 AM - 11:30 AM

To contact us at Mountain View Veterinary Surgery, please call on 5445 3123 or send and email using the form below.

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